We know that your child learns through play. Our toddler classes support creative play that allows your growing toddler to learn about the world in a secure environment.
WBCC offers four different toddler classrooms: Waddlers, Toddler 1’s and 2’s and Tweeners. This way we can have small class sizes with a focus on your child’s age and stage in their development.


Our “Waddlers” are our 12 months to 18 months. This is a great transition room from our infant room to a toddler room. With a small class size of 6 kids to 1 teacher, our teacher is able to give each child that one on one attention they need to help them meet their next milestones.
In the Waddlers, your child will be:

Toddlers 1’s and 2’s


Our “Toddler One’s Class” are our 19 months to 24 month old. This classroom has two teachers with a classroom max of 12 children. This is a large learning environment with lot of room for children to move around, and explore.

Our “Toddler Two’s Class” are our younger two year olds. This classroom is adjutant to our toddler ones classroom. We have two teachers with a max of 14 children. This room gives our busy toddlers plenty of room to learn through play.

In the Toddlers 1’s and 2’s, your child will:


Our “Tweeners Class” is for our older two years old class. This class as a smaller class size with a max of eight children. This classroom is another transitional room with a smaller class size to get children ready for our pre-school classroom. The teacher will work closely with families to start getting your child ready for potty training. The main focus for this classroom is to get children out of diapers or pull ups and into underwear.

Some activities offered in the tweeners class include:

All our toddler classrooms use a communication app called “Procare” to help keep parents up to date on your child’s day.