At Wright Brothers we know that you are leaving your most precious gift in our care. We go off of our parents lead to make sure the care of your child at school is, what you are doing at home. Some parents bring in a schedule that works for their child, and our teachers will follow your schedule. Other families believe in an eat and sleep on demand routine. In our infant class, we provide formula and baby food for your infant, and a refrigerator is available if your baby is breastfed. Each of our infants have their own crib in the classroom which is never shared with any other child in our care.

Our teachers keep parents up to date on their child by using a communication app called “Procare”. Teachers are able to easily send pictures and updates throughout the day.


We work with all our infants to help them work towards their development milestones. Our 6 weeks- 3 months old will work on tummy time, neck strength and rolling from back to front and front to back. Our 3 months to 6 months old will start working on sitting, crawling, holding bottles, and independent playing. Our 6 months to 9 month old are continuing to work on crawling, pulling up on furniture, eating small table foods and/or baby foods. Our 9 months to 12 months old are starting to stand unassisted, taking their first steps, transiting to a sippy cup and able to eat table foods.
WBCC is a breastfeeding friendly place. You are welcome to bring in your breast milk or come in and feed your child anytime.